Winter Car Check at Just £86

Winter Car Check at Just £86 – Save £54 from standard price.

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Tyres check

Cold and damp roads can have a dramatic impact in the performance of your tyres, leading to an increased accident risk.  Wet roads, cold temperatures, snow and ice can all contribute to potentially dangerous slip ups such as loss of grip, aquaplaning and longer stopping distances.

Battery level check

Your battery has a tough job during the cold winter months. Your vehicle’s engine requires more power to start when the temperatures are colder and those temperatures make it harder for your battery to provide power.

Anti freeze Top Up

Your vehicle’s anti-freeze level is important during the cold, winter months. Its’ job is to cool the car’s engine, as well as protect it from freezing in cold weather.

Windscreen wipers check

Winter certainly puts your car’s wipers to the test. Tough winter weather, grime and the repeated swiping against the windshield can get the better of the wipers’ rubber blade.

Screen wash replace

Screenwash is formulated to clear dirt and grease from your windscreen, smooth wiper blade action and prevent the fluid from freezing in sub-zero temperatures. Depending on the temperature, different concentrations of screenwash fluid are required so it is important to check your screenwash fluid when cold weather hits. If your screenwash does freeze, you could find yourself unable to clear your windscreen while driving and risk reduced visibility in dangerous icy conditions.

Clean and check lights

A car light assessment will ensure all lights are working to the correct standard. There are a lot less hours of sunlight in the winter and you may find yourself driving in fog, meaning front and rear lights are used more. Don’t forget – driving with broken lights is both illegal and dangerous.

Plus full vehicle health check.

If you break down in winter it can be an unpleasant wait, depending on the weather conditions. There’s a risk of hypothermia if you are caught without enough clothing, and if you are parked on the side of the road other motorists will find it harder to see you if visibility is poor. Minimising your risks of a breakdown in winter.

Good brakes are crucial to keeping a vehicle under control when driving—especially on snow or ice-covered roads. Brake components that are badly worn, or a brake system in need of hydraulic fluid, may not provide the level of control needed for safe winter driving,