Due to the continued growth of the Mansell Collection Car Dealership the second floor of our premises, which is currently home to the Nigel Mansell Museum, will become a car showroom. This will enable us to better showcase our two great franchises: Hyundai and Mitsubishi.


The last 6 years of the Nigel Mansell Museum has been extremely successful, welcoming over ten thousand visitors every year. This is something that we are extremely proud of. We have a number of options for the future of the museum, which we are currently reviewing.


Thank you to everyone who visited and for the kind words.


Team Mansell

The Nigel Mansell Museum


The word “legend” is often used in sporting circles, but who can really deny that Nigel surpasses that title. Most race fans know that Nigel was F1 world champion in 1992, but there’s so much more to tell about his epic career.


Upstairs from our showroom, we’ll be telling The Story of Nigel Mansell’s battle to become one of the world’s greatest racing drivers. Told via detailed interviews with Nigel over the years, magnificent pictures and exciting video footage, his actual trophies and racing cars will be on display too. And if you’re lucky, you might just meet the man himself.


This floor will be available to hire for functions. We’ll also have a rather special boardroom on this level which you can take on for your corporate event. Imagine mingling with your guests while standing right next to the actual F1 cars which Nigel drove throughout his career.


Talking of the building, what a building it is! An art deco structure which we’ve restored to it’s original former glory. The place itself has so much history and has to be one of the most original venues anywhere in which to buy your next car.